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...and if it comes out blurry, thats fine.

sooooo... yeah... i never post, and im sorry. my life, over all this time, has pretty much been an interminable, colossal roller coaster... partially filled of awesome times, and amazing experiences... but also containing what undeniably were some of the worst chapters in my life, thus far... but as of currently, most of everything appears to be running considerably smoothly, and i admit, i am rather excited to know of what the future may hold.

...i think i may try to update, a little more often... even if just to post pictures, and strange experiences... because, truth be told, sadly, i kinda miss it. haha.

...but until then, i feel like sharing some of my photography!

a step in no direction?

rocky roads, and forests unknown.

random sunset

inspiration in the form of a barn.


broken hearts, and blue ridge sunsets.

the road less traveled.

machinery makes for amazing silhouettes.

welcome to atlanta... where the players play.

just another sunrise?

another random sunset...

remember when?...

we on the grind in georgia, nothin on my mind but... georgia.

cold october fall...

mysterious piers of night

how long do you think this car has been here? and more importantly, did someone die here?

you will always be... you'll always be a part of me.

brisk mountainous walks, and cold, dark alleyways.

marc voorhees, of camp crystal rock quarry.

i do hope you enjoyed.

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dude i totally enjoyed...