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this small town takes every ounce to build its smoke.

so, the get up kids show was tonight.

they were awesome as always. <3 so here the short story : i was running late as always, but i wasnt worried because i was CERTAIN the get up kids were headlining. sooo i hurried along, and picked up the travvdogg(youreblowinit), and we ventured our way down 86 to chapel hill... we had plans of getting there, and just hanging out for a bit, you know, getting something to eat, and what not, and still having plenty of time to get back to the cats cradle to see tguk, wellll we both thought the show started at eight, and we pull up to the cradle just to check, and make sure tguk were infact playing last, as travis got out of the car to run in, i heard 'holiday' blaring from inside. so i yell out a "get in the car nigga!", we park the car right next to drew (deathintexas) , and rush inside. we soon found out that the get up kids were infact the opening band for thrice. i was shocked. i mean, the get up kids opening for THRICE? come on now. sooo we watched the rest of tguk, and might i add i was HIGHLY annoyed by the lack of support the get up kids were shown, all around me were little hardcore kids screaming the likes of "GET OFF THE STAGE!", "YOU SUCK! THRRRRIIIIIICCCEEE RULES!"... i mean can people get anymore tacky? i dont necessarily like thrice but you dont see me screaming stupid shit at them. thats just sooooo disrespectful. back to the story : travis and i left the cradle, and walked around chapel hill for a bit, we went to cd alley, and we were starving, and craving some type of food with rice, but somehow we ended up eating at 'i <3 NY PIZZA'... the pizza was no where near as good as i remembered... after the disappointing pizza, we stopped by a cute coffee place, and i got a white chocolate mocha, then we headed back to the cradle, we got back just as the show was letting out. we then ran into drew, dean (WHO CUT HIS HAIR! and is no longer also known as anthony michael hall.), and melody. shortly after we decided it was time to venture back to good ol' danville. [end of the not so short story.]

and the decemberists show was last wednesday, that was awesome as well.

i attended the decemberists show with sterling(sterlwhirl), and travis(youreblowinit). sterling met up with a few of her friends there, and at some point or another travis and i lost interest in the show (as per usual), and found ourselves walking the streets of chapel hill. eventually we decided sterling might actually be looking for us, so we went back, and the decemberists were STILL playing, after what seemed like hours. we found sterling in the parking lot with davis, and we waited around for the rest of crew... then headed to raleigh, were sterlings brother, hunter, lives... we ate at waffle house with everyone, and then sterlywhirly, travvdogg, davis, and i went to hunter's, to crash... only there was no crashage for sterling and myself... as usual... we stayed up all night, mainly watching videos with travis, until he fell asleep around seven a.m., then the giggling and lisashirley hangout time begun... we eventually went to sleep for a few hours around 11, so we could wake up refreshed and do some exploring... once we woke up we went to a few places, and then ate at ZAXBY'S... the most awesome chicken place like ever(excluding steak n shake)... we then went to the movies to see SAVED!... which was great. mandy moore = awesome. we came home that night. [end of yet another story.]

i REALLY wish limbeck would tour the east coast, its been far too long since i last saw them.

OH AND i also REALLY wish home grown would tour the east coast, its SERIOUSLY been WAYYYYY TOO LONG since the last time i saw those boys.
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