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could you trade your lessons to have grown up in the process?

tonight was a very strange night. and after extensive thought i realize that i did overreact to alot of things that i probably should not have, and generally would not have... and i also came to realize that, no matter what i think, no matter what i do, i will never truly be forgiven for mistakes made in the past... people say forgive and forget... but does anyone actually know the true meaning of that? i, for one, know for a fact that i have forgiven and forgotten on countless occasions, for countless individuals... but i find that no one really has ever nor will ever do the same for me. i know i am not perfect, and yes, i will make mistakes, but i certainly hope that those that truly love me, and truly know me, will one day be capable enough to forgive and forget. no one is perfect, and i understand that completely, and when letting someone in my life, i know that at some point, yes, i am sure they are going to do something to betray me in some way or another... and i guess thats just the way life is. for that, that does not kill you only makes you stronger. which is a very cliche saying, but is also very true. sooo... i know my life is only beginning, and i have many mistakes ahead of me, i just hope those of you that really honestly love me, will stick around, even through the rough times, because god knows i need you, i just hope you need me too.

dont bother it now, let sleepers lie.
bygones have all gone by.
forgot what we fought for, hard as i might,
dont have the will to fight.
forgive and forget whatever was said
because we're growing up by the hour.
... all good things have endings.
(the get up kids)
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