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do the stars conspire to pin us down like butterflies

long time, no update, i do apologize.

not a whole lot has happened in the life of lacy... who am i kidding? its been almost 21 full days since i have updated, and wayyy too much fucking shit has happened. but most of it, is kind of outdated, and really doesnt matter now, so ill stick to the more recent happenings... which all seem to of slipped my mind for the time being. dont you hate when that happens? i HATE when i cant remember something accurately...

i had the pleasure of meeting the infamous angel tonight... i must say i was not impressed. she seems to be a mirror image of just about every other girl on the face of this planet that i choose to loathe, not to mention the fact that she CONSTANTLY talked about herself... which got extremely annoying extremely fast... oh well, i guess she wasnt that bad. she was pretty much everything i expected, nothing more, nothing less. but truth be told, i know she is a friend of both, mike and travis, and im not saying i wouldnt ever hang out with her again... of course it wouldnt be something i would encourage, however, i wouldnt say anything if they wanted to hang out with her, b/c i know they both put up with some of my friends occasionally, that they dont necessarily fancy. although they are very quick to verbalize their opinions... (and i forgot to mention she completely insulted my taste in music.)

the past few weekends have been very sterling-tastic. which is a very nice thing, might i add. a few weeks back we had a our first (hott) date, and managed to accidently convince various people that we actually are lesbians. yay for people who assume things! not really... but yeah... we finished our date off with a nice trip to roam around walmart where we bought matching "i <3 u" bracelets, that go quite nicely with the red MADD ribbon and paul frank bracelet collection we already had... sterling is BOSS, if you will.

these past few days i have really been thinking... like, i really want to get my life straight, figure out exactly what it is that i want to do... i have the opportunity to move to richmond with some friends, starting the fall '04 semester, where i could easily attend ECPI for quality graphics education... which is something i most definitely could not get around here, without commuting atleast an hour(+)... but if i decide not to move to richmond for school, then i need to decide what i want to do here... do i want to just give up on the graphics thing, and try to find something else, simply for lack of opportunities in the area in that field... or should i just not worry, and sit back, and let things happen, and decide things as they come? my whole problem with committing to college and sticking to it, is, that my interests(in my future plans) have completely changed in the past 5 years... and i am worried that if i commit to one field, that i will find myself four or how ever many years from now, out of college, with absolutely no interest or enjoyment in graphics arts or design, then i will of wasted all that time for absolutely nothing...

on a deeper note, my grandfather goes to DUKE tomorrow, to find out for sure if his mass is cancer or not. he has already had two different opinions, although with no definite tests made, one concluded it is not cancerous, and the other concluded that it is definitely cancer... take it anyway you want it, one gets your hopes up, the other shoots that hope down. i wish him good luck tomorrow, for i know he is extremely nervous, afterall he could potentially find out what could either be the most relieving news, of his life, or the absolute worst. i wish him the best.

well its exactly 8:03 am, on this cold morning in february, and i am beginning to think, maybe, just maybe, i should be attempting to actually get some sleep. good night, or more so good morning in most cases. be safe, and as always have fun. <3<3

(joshua hyde - i miss you something terrible. we havent spoken in weeks. and that is just not kosher in the slightest way... i demand you call me sometime very soon, there isnt really a time when i am not available... so feel free to call away. [434-250-9899] i would call you, but you seem to lead a busy life these days, so i am unsure of the best times to call, in which you may be available. <3<3 i love you kid.)
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