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as we were two >>> like if you were out of tune.


10 October 1983
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i made it out in darkness,
and the sun rose over the desert.
i could have gone forever...
with just me, and gas, and states, and kodak.

everything was string-less, like it's debtless and between jobs.
i don't ever want this to pass.
i want to get that feeling back.
to escape somehow,
find that way out.
get out.
get out.
crossed over the line and into places i have not been.
i never felt so welcome with just me, and not a single contact.
everything was silent like the fake still air in a snowfall.
i don't ever want this to pass.
- limbeck.

when i was younger i was so optimistic, i bought records from a mail-order catalog.

...well um, hi. im lacy. just your average twenty-two year old girl, that hates but resides in a small virginian town, also known as the city of churches, known to most as Danville. i am not from here, i grew up in cumming, georgia, a small suburban town just north of atlanta.