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so... i kinda got fired / quit today.

from a job in which i have been steadily at for well over a year now.
the events of my last three hours of being employed by hot topic went down quite strangely.
i keep re-playing every little moment up until i actually grabbed my shit, and left the store.
i cannot quite seem to make myself grasp the concept of 'hey, you lost your job today.'
i keep thinking to myself 'wow, did that really just happen?'
its a very surreal feeling, ya know?
its going to be weird not being so involved with work and all things within...
i made a lot of friends along the way... but were they actually friends? or just people i worked with?
last but not least... damn the man!

...the past year, has been my worst year thus far... and even through the worst, i have always tried to stay positive... but boy is it hard to stay positive when you feel like everything in your life is on a downward spiral, and has been for quite sometime.

i feel like i desperately need to get away... i am ever so sick of this town.
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