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when i was younger i was so optimistic, i bought records from a mail-order catalog.

today is my twenty-second birthday.

...i had to work alllll day, and not to mention the entirety of this day has been rainy, dreary and just plain blahhhh. however, my assistant manager hollywood surprised me with a cookie cake, my mom is making my favorite dinner ever, and later i am going to hang out with the sir biggs-alot. so hopefully what began as a stupid, not so interesting day will have an extra special gnarly conclusion. end of story.

in other news i miss the following :

sterling morris,
ashlee terry,
joshua hyde

there has been an extreme lackage of those people in my life in recent times, and goddammit, i demand that come to a halt... although sterl's reasons for not being around are completely uncontrollable and absolutely not her fault, so she automatically receives a get out of jail free card, until further notice. but as for the other two : get out of my dreams, and get into my fucking car.

edit : and extra big appreciation goes out to those of you who have taken the time to call, msg or comment with birthday wishes! you guys own me! <3
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