lacy (nowayout) wrote,

do you even want to know what type of reputation you get when being employed at hot topic? you wanna know? well ill gladly tell you...

XAngel (2:06:16 AM): well i like Hot Topic girls god they have some sexy shit in there. thigh highs and shit
XAngel (2:06:48 AM): role play and shit
XAngel (2:07:39 AM): damn u don't like tyin' guys up and shit?
XAngel (2:09:11 AM): i love that shit
XAngel (2:09:42 AM): and girls feet
XAngel (2:11:18 AM): ok your gonna tie me up

and shit, and shit, and shit! isnt this motherfucker coooool? dont you want to be just like him? if so, please find the nearest 9mm and shoot yourself in the temple, before i do. kthnx. bye.
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