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if my fingers should start to crack or blister i guess thats just what happens.

do you ever wonder how many of your so-called friends, are truly friends?

one of the many definitions of a friend is : a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. and the only conflicting thought i have to that is i often find myself wondering how well i really do know my friends. and if i really know anyone at all? im not at all a negative person, nor do i want to be. but ive just been through so many "friends" in my life, i cant help but wonder from time to time, what is to come of these friendships that currently exist in my life? of course i dont want anything to happen to them, but isnt that what we all want? i know ive never wanted to lose touch, or lose friends at all... but it just seems to always happen that way. truth be told, the thing i despise the most is losing touch with someone i have actually spent time getting to know, and even love.

i hate it that ive lost so many people over the years. sometimes i sit here, and think back to the friends i had, when i was younger, when you didnt have to worry about betrayal, or any unneeded adult bullshit. but the point is, sometimes i really want to contact these people, atleast give it a shot, although im sure most of them have their own lives now, and i have no way of finding them... but even if i could find these people, as much as i want to, i seriously doubt i would ever actually go through with contacting them... i mean, what would i say? what is there to say? "hey im that person you grew up with, that once we got to high school i suddenly became too cool for you." i really wish things like that never happened. but it does happen each and every day, unfortunately. i really wish i had more friends in my life that i grew up with, or that atleast knew me for longer than a few years, not that there is anything wrong with that, but its just something about having that friend (or friends) that you grew up with, people who have always known you, not just known the person you have become.

and i really miss my friends back home in georgia. and i say home, because to me, my home will always be in georgia.
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