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possible is probably wrong

i hate how i get so sick of listening to the same bands over and over... i mean its only natural to occasionally get tired of things. and the thing that i hate the most is, i seriously have a very hard time actually finding "new" bands that i like. maybe im too picky when it comes to music? ha i dont know, its like i dont like them because they sound too much like that one band, or i dont like that band because the singer is annoying... or i just plain dont like that other band, for no reason at all really. and i personally think that i am a musically diverse person. but its kind of like ive always listened to the same ol' bands since i became even remotely interested in music, so here i am like seven or eight years later, rocking out to most of the same shit i listened to when i was twelve or thirteen. ...okay so i admit i find bands fairly often that interest me, but they just dont have the same impact. AND might i add the fact that i cant remember the last time i found a band i like, and actually listened to and liked the majority of their songs... its like i find a band, like a few songs, and cant really stand anything else they have to offer. im wondering if i just dont quite possess the passion for music that i used to have... yet i still have major passion for all the bands ive ever loved passionately. ... weird.

wow, sorry for the pointless post.
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