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this might be temporary, but theres no need to worry.

wow, well i just realized that i apparently have had this journal, for almost four years now. boy how time does fly. so much has happened in those four years. my life is completely different from how i expected it to be. dont get me wrong... im not saying i am not happy with my life now, i am just saying, i didnt really predict i would be where i am today. and who would of thought, i would be living in danville? i certainly didnt. i know i bitch about this city of churches, quite alot. and honestly, danville doesnt have a thing to offer me. i could never be content with my life as a whole, if my life were to be in danville. but over all, danville isnt such a terrible place... it has its moments. and truth be told, i am not really sure, that i would be truly happy with my location, no matter where it was. i thought i HATED living in georgia, and i was happy to get out... but now that i look back on it, georgia, wasnt such a terrible place either. and i really miss it. and i realize now, that i was very content living in georgia, its just that i guess i didnt really realize all that i had, until it was gone... you know though, the thing i hate about danville, is its such a small town, that everyone knows everyone, and even when i try to get lost, i quickly realize such a thing is impossible when it seems that the entire road system in danville is one gigantic circle, in some way or another. although living in danville, definitely has brought me some of the best friendships. the kind of friendships that make me realize that this is it, i want these people to be in my life, for the rest of my life. (im speaking to you : mike, travis, and sterling.) and that, is one of the best feelings i believe i have ever had.

in this coming august, i will be moving to richmond, to get me some schoolin' and pursue a career in the graphic arts industry. and the great thing about all of this is, pretty much everyone that i know, and am friends with, in danville is also moving to richmond. excluding the sterling, who will ofcourse be at UNCAsheville. ("its not goodbye, its see you later, but not as often as i would like.") i really need to find a job, and start saving up for the move... i dont know why i havent already jumped on the job searching. probably due to the fact, that i dont go to sleep until the wee hours of the morning, and i dont usually get up until the afternoon... and i hate it. i mean i really do. its like i get up, and the day is gone, and i need to hurry and get to mikes, before he goes to bed, because "he believes in a thing called sllleeeeeeeeeeeeppp"... but yeah, i wake up, and the day is gone and wasted. i need to break this cycle.

the ashley just called. i think we may go see kill bill vol. 2 tonight... i have already seen it once, but would like to see it again, and this will be atleast the 17th attempt to do so. so maybe... just maybe, things will go as planned, and i will get to see it for a second time.

danville adult soccer league's second season is going to begin in mid-may. this time they are splitting the league into two categories. 7 v 7 and 11 v 11... the 7v7 will be less competitive, and more so for the people who just want to get out there and have fun, and for those who may not of played before, but would like to. and well the 11v11 is the competitive category, for those who feel they are very experienced, and would like to go out for the first time ever DASL trophies... ...trophies dont mean shit to me, and danville soccer is a joke. so i will be playing the 7v7 league, i am very experienced (15 years), but why do i want to play for a league who's teams are very obviously stacked... i just want to have fun... maybe ill save the competitive-ness for the womens league in richmond, that i am sure, aint no joke. haha...

well its shower time for lacy... so until next time... <3

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i have yet to post any new pictures, but be on the look out for a shit load of pictures from the trip to south of the border of this past weekend.
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