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whats a bond if it dissolves in water?

please tell me what is wrong with me. really, i can take it. okay, no i cant. but seriously, why cant i sleep?!? recently i find it easier and easier to go with little to no sleep, and that my friend is not cool. night before last, i didnt sleep any, then i had to take my brothers friend to school, and once i returned home, i still was not sleepy, yet i found myself home alone, curled up, under the covers, in my nice warm bed, and i dont know what happened but the next thing i know, i wake up, at close to what i think was eight oclock at night... i dont even remember drifting off... so lastnight, i stayed home all night, and sterling called around 12:30, and then we called the jordan... and stayed on the phone until close to six this morning... i fall asleep, then wake up at nine o fucking clock this morning, after THREE hours of sleep... and im thinking, "what the fuck is this shit, im going back to sleep"... only the longer i layed there, the more awake i became. so... this sleep problem isnt exactly new in my life... i have this problem with actually falling asleep at night, period. i can be sooo terribly sleep all day long, but then once night hits, no more sleepies... its almost like night time is my peak or something, i find myself soo much more awake and alive during the night... i am kind of hoping that seeing as i only slept a total of three hours, maybe just maybe i will actually be able to get some sleep tonight. although, somehow, i seriously doubt it.

do you ever find yourself completely and totally involved in a certain television show? for me, that show is dawsons creek. mind you, i have seen every episode, atleast two, maybe five times. but yet, anytime i am awake between the hours of ten a.m. and noon, chances are i am somewhere glued to the tv... i watch these episodes over and over, and yet, each and everytime, i watch an episode, its as though i am watching a never before seen episode. and its weird. i dont really understand why i am so drawn to such a show... although as weird as this may sound, there are times that dawsons creek gives me hope. hope in life, hope in people. how fuct up is that?

i apologize to those of you, who i was talking to last night on AIM, when i was suddenly disconnected for what i thought was no apparent reason, until i look over, and see my grandfathers ignoramus dog, "scooby", hiking his leg directly over my cable modem. i could have KILLED the fucker. so, the drying out process took a little time... im talking, not only did i have to wipe and clean his urine off the surface, but i also had to get the blow dryer out, to dry the inside atleast some what. i was sooo worried that i was never going to work again. but i plugged it all back up, and BOOM, its working like a champ... a urine scented champ, but a champ none the less.

xkilltobreathex: its crazy how i meet all these girls that i have no intentions of hanging out with ever, and they are always like "oh my god, i really like you lacy, you arent like other girls"... and im thinking, well you are.
OSPxWIGGLES: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
OSPxWIGGLES: do you want me to keep going?
OSPxWIGGLES: I can, its that funny

(p.s. sterling isnt number 69 on my speed dial for nothing.)
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giiirl i aint speed dial #69 fo nuthin! man scooby sure knows how to karate kick the air in the most convenient places!! what a crazy pup. he's not representin very well for the dogs vs. cats case, it's all up to tanner now to shake his god damn cute patoot and win the hearts of the jury. the cats are owning, lets just hope tanner can calm his little spastic tennis ball head and keep the barking to a dull roar. <3!
dear pink taco lover - okay that was gross... anways, tanners bark knows no dull roar. that dog screams like a BIATCH. id say in this here house hold the cats hold it down, more so than tha dawgs... perhaps i want a brownie, if you will, might i add.
omg ew for pink tacos... HOWEVER. LESBIANS UNITE FROM DANVILLE TO RIDGEWAY the closet must open because ooh! its gettin hot in herre.. or something to that effect, if you will. shut up sterling, get yourself together! HOLD THAT KOOLAID. zZzZz
yeah you called Jordan!!!

whats got two thumbs and loves getting calls from "Lerning"

THIS GUY!!!!!!!!! (im pointing both thumbs at myself again, its even more stupid when i type it)

heylo cakemate*
sleep is overrated.just like proms haha...
dog piss is the worst kind of piss...especially to clean...
i havent talked to you in a whileeee
i miss you chicken face.
cakemate chocolate taker
sleep is overrated, i mean SLEEP... ONLY THE WEAK SLEEP. everyone knows that much. haha... and proms? proms are way overrated, i refused to go to either of my proms, arent i cool? you should do the same. only the cool kids refuse to go to prom. and we all know you most definitely are a cool kid. dog piss is stinky. and absolutely no fun. we always just miss eachother online... i do miss my fellow cakemate. chocolate for chicken, YOU KNOW HOW WE DO! NIGGA WHAT! <3<3<3<3<3