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today could possibly be one of the worst days of my life.

my grandfather received a phone call this afternoon, from the doctor he went to last week, due to his pneumonia, letting him know that they found a mass on his right lung. a fucking mass. how is this even fucking possible?! how could they not of already seen this?! he has had pneumonia over 10 times in the past year, which means, everyone fucking time he is diagnosed with pneumonia, they take chest x-rays... the mass is already 2.5 centimeters... the doctor says its obviously not good, that it looks like cancer. and the thing that gets me is, i saw the fucking x-ray, the mass is clear as fucking day... this thing didnt just grow 2.5 centimeters overnight. someone somewhere fucked up and didnt catch this shit when they should of... ahhhhh... i dont know what to do here. paw paw is hysterical, kipp doesnt know shit about it, it hasnt really hit me, nor mom yet. my mom already lost her mother to lung cancer when she(my mom) was 18... i cant imagine losing both my parents to the same goddamn thing. erg. i dont know what else to say, he has a doctors appointment tomorrow, to find out for sure. so i guess time will tell.
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