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could we stomp around your back yard and wreck our clothes in the mud?

my mom works with retards, basically her job is to hangout with various "individuals", on a daily basis, and do things such as take them to lunch, go to the mall, go bowling... whatever they want to do to get out of the house... anyways, so she just brought one of them home for lunch, Ryan, and he told me i look like britney spears, which apparently is his dream girl, haha he just walked up behind me and started massaging my back... call me crazy but i think its HOE-larious. i fucking love retards. they are grrrreat. i feel kinda bad calling them retards, but i dont know what else to call them.

im still kinda sick, but not as sick as i was yesterday. i have been up since 7:something this morning... due to my mom and brother screaming at eachother. kipp can be quite the ill pill in the morning... he was mad at me because i was laughing at my mom giving him a hard time, about being sooo ill, so kipp took it upon himself to not let me sleep any longer(once i had drifted off again), and came in the room, screaming "GO GO POWER RANGERS! YOU MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERSSSSSSS!" talk about wanting to kill someone. to make matters even worse, i tried to yell at him, but when i opened my mouth, NOT A SOUND came out, and my sore throat is most definitely to blame for that. why is it that sore throats are always wayyyy worse in the morning? seriously, my throat fucking kills in the morning, but as the day goes on, it gets alot better, only to wake up the next morning with extreme throat pains. being sick is absolutely no fun.

well my mommy just made me some french fries for lunch, and im starving so im outttt. SWALLA. <3<3<3
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