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Thursday, September 16th, 2010
3:52 am
well, it's four in the morning, and i am so over all this waiting.


Saturday, June 27th, 2009
9:37 am
I cannot believe it's been so long since I updated the ol' lj. haha... I miss it, especially the whole venting/getting things off my chest aspect. I think maybe I ought to try to get back in the swing of an old habit! we'll see what happens... :)

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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
6:59 pm - hmmm...
so... i kinda got fired / quit today.

from a job in which i have been steadily at for well over a year now.
the events of my last three hours of being employed by hot topic went down quite strangely.
i keep re-playing every little moment up until i actually grabbed my shit, and left the store.
i cannot quite seem to make myself grasp the concept of 'hey, you lost your job today.'
i keep thinking to myself 'wow, did that really just happen?'
its a very surreal feeling, ya know?
its going to be weird not being so involved with work and all things within...
i made a lot of friends along the way... but were they actually friends? or just people i worked with?
last but not least... damn the man!

...the past year, has been my worst year thus far... and even through the worst, i have always tried to stay positive... but boy is it hard to stay positive when you feel like everything in your life is on a downward spiral, and has been for quite sometime.

i feel like i desperately need to get away... i am ever so sick of this town.

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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
2:58 am - ...and if it comes out blurry, thats fine.
sooooo... yeah... i never post, and im sorry. my life, over all this time, has pretty much been an interminable, colossal roller coaster... partially filled of awesome times, and amazing experiences... but also containing what undeniably were some of the worst chapters in my life, thus far... but as of currently, most of everything appears to be running considerably smoothly, and i admit, i am rather excited to know of what the future may hold.

...i think i may try to update, a little more often... even if just to post pictures, and strange experiences... because, truth be told, sadly, i kinda miss it. haha.

...but until then, i feel like sharing some of my photography!

camera steal away... Collapse )

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Saturday, January 21st, 2006
2:28 am
hey lacy, it's ashlee. i'd just liek to write you and "i love you note."
i mother fuckign love your motherfuckign ass.
and am dissapointed that i returned after dropping erin off only to find you missing from my life.
well, thanks for the cup. and thanks for your love.
pleasure seeing you, and future times tocome.

ps: i love you working in the boro!


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Monday, October 10th, 2005
7:50 pm - when i was younger i was so optimistic, i bought records from a mail-order catalog.
today is my twenty-second birthday.

...i had to work alllll day, and not to mention the entirety of this day has been rainy, dreary and just plain blahhhh. however, my assistant manager hollywood surprised me with a cookie cake, my mom is making my favorite dinner ever, and later i am going to hang out with the sir biggs-alot. so hopefully what began as a stupid, not so interesting day will have an extra special gnarly conclusion. end of story.

in other news i miss the following :

sterling morris,
ashlee terry,
joshua hyde

there has been an extreme lackage of those people in my life in recent times, and goddammit, i demand that come to a halt... although sterl's reasons for not being around are completely uncontrollable and absolutely not her fault, so she automatically receives a get out of jail free card, until further notice. but as for the other two : get out of my dreams, and get into my fucking car.

edit : and extra big appreciation goes out to those of you who have taken the time to call, msg or comment with birthday wishes! you guys own me! <3

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
2:08 am
do you even want to know what type of reputation you get when being employed at hot topic? you wanna know? well ill gladly tell you...

XAngel (2:06:16 AM): well i like Hot Topic girls god they have some sexy shit in there. thigh highs and shit
XAngel (2:06:48 AM): role play and shit
XAngel (2:07:39 AM): damn u don't like tyin' guys up and shit?
XAngel (2:09:11 AM): i love that shit
XAngel (2:09:42 AM): and girls feet
XAngel (2:11:18 AM): ok your gonna tie me up

and shit, and shit, and shit! isnt this motherfucker coooool? dont you want to be just like him? if so, please find the nearest 9mm and shoot yourself in the temple, before i do. kthnx. bye.

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
7:20 pm
Lisa and Shirley
  • Likely to have one expensive kid.
  • Intend to take long walks on Saturdays.
  • Together forever whatever the weather.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
1:54 am - this small town takes every ounce to build its smoke.

so, the get up kids show was tonight.

they were awesome as always. <3 so here the short story : i was running late as always, but i wasnt worried because i was CERTAIN the get up kids were headlining. sooo i hurried along, and picked up the travvdogg(youreblowinit), and we ventured our way down 86 to chapel hill... we had plans of getting there, and just hanging out for a bit, you know, getting something to eat, and what not, and still having plenty of time to get back to the cats cradle to see tguk, wellll we both thought the show started at eight, and we pull up to the cradle just to check, and make sure tguk were infact playing last, as travis got out of the car to run in, i heard 'holiday' blaring from inside. so i yell out a "get in the car nigga!", we park the car right next to drew (deathintexas) , and rush inside. we soon found out that the get up kids were infact the opening band for thrice. i was shocked. i mean, the get up kids opening for THRICE? come on now. sooo we watched the rest of tguk, and might i add i was HIGHLY annoyed by the lack of support the get up kids were shown, all around me were little hardcore kids screaming the likes of "GET OFF THE STAGE!", "YOU SUCK! THRRRRIIIIIICCCEEE RULES!"... i mean can people get anymore tacky? i dont necessarily like thrice but you dont see me screaming stupid shit at them. thats just sooooo disrespectful. back to the story : travis and i left the cradle, and walked around chapel hill for a bit, we went to cd alley, and we were starving, and craving some type of food with rice, but somehow we ended up eating at 'i <3 NY PIZZA'... the pizza was no where near as good as i remembered... after the disappointing pizza, we stopped by a cute coffee place, and i got a white chocolate mocha, then we headed back to the cradle, we got back just as the show was letting out. we then ran into drew, dean (WHO CUT HIS HAIR! and is no longer also known as anthony michael hall.), and melody. shortly after we decided it was time to venture back to good ol' danville. [end of the not so short story.]

and the decemberists show was last wednesday, that was awesome as well.

i attended the decemberists show with sterling(sterlwhirl), and travis(youreblowinit). sterling met up with a few of her friends there, and at some point or another travis and i lost interest in the show (as per usual), and found ourselves walking the streets of chapel hill. eventually we decided sterling might actually be looking for us, so we went back, and the decemberists were STILL playing, after what seemed like hours. we found sterling in the parking lot with davis, and we waited around for the rest of crew... then headed to raleigh, were sterlings brother, hunter, lives... we ate at waffle house with everyone, and then sterlywhirly, travvdogg, davis, and i went to hunter's, to crash... only there was no crashage for sterling and myself... as usual... we stayed up all night, mainly watching videos with travis, until he fell asleep around seven a.m., then the giggling and lisashirley hangout time begun... we eventually went to sleep for a few hours around 11, so we could wake up refreshed and do some exploring... once we woke up we went to a few places, and then ate at ZAXBY'S... the most awesome chicken place like ever(excluding steak n shake)... we then went to the movies to see SAVED!... which was great. mandy moore = awesome. we came home that night. [end of yet another story.]

i REALLY wish limbeck would tour the east coast, its been far too long since i last saw them.

OH AND i also REALLY wish home grown would tour the east coast, its SERIOUSLY been WAYYYYY TOO LONG since the last time i saw those boys.

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
12:44 am - if my fingers should start to crack or blister i guess thats just what happens.
do you ever wonder how many of your so-called friends, are truly friends?

one of the many definitions of a friend is : a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. and the only conflicting thought i have to that is i often find myself wondering how well i really do know my friends. and if i really know anyone at all? im not at all a negative person, nor do i want to be. but ive just been through so many "friends" in my life, i cant help but wonder from time to time, what is to come of these friendships that currently exist in my life? of course i dont want anything to happen to them, but isnt that what we all want? i know ive never wanted to lose touch, or lose friends at all... but it just seems to always happen that way. truth be told, the thing i despise the most is losing touch with someone i have actually spent time getting to know, and even love.

i hate it that ive lost so many people over the years. sometimes i sit here, and think back to the friends i had, when i was younger, when you didnt have to worry about betrayal, or any unneeded adult bullshit. but the point is, sometimes i really want to contact these people, atleast give it a shot, although im sure most of them have their own lives now, and i have no way of finding them... but even if i could find these people, as much as i want to, i seriously doubt i would ever actually go through with contacting them... i mean, what would i say? what is there to say? "hey im that person you grew up with, that once we got to high school i suddenly became too cool for you." i really wish things like that never happened. but it does happen each and every day, unfortunately. i really wish i had more friends in my life that i grew up with, or that atleast knew me for longer than a few years, not that there is anything wrong with that, but its just something about having that friend (or friends) that you grew up with, people who have always known you, not just known the person you have become.

and i really miss my friends back home in georgia. and i say home, because to me, my home will always be in georgia.

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
1:17 am - possible is probably wrong
i hate how i get so sick of listening to the same bands over and over... i mean its only natural to occasionally get tired of things. and the thing that i hate the most is, i seriously have a very hard time actually finding "new" bands that i like. maybe im too picky when it comes to music? ha i dont know, its like i dont like them because they sound too much like that one band, or i dont like that band because the singer is annoying... or i just plain dont like that other band, for no reason at all really. and i personally think that i am a musically diverse person. but its kind of like ive always listened to the same ol' bands since i became even remotely interested in music, so here i am like seven or eight years later, rocking out to most of the same shit i listened to when i was twelve or thirteen. ...okay so i admit i find bands fairly often that interest me, but they just dont have the same impact. AND might i add the fact that i cant remember the last time i found a band i like, and actually listened to and liked the majority of their songs... its like i find a band, like a few songs, and cant really stand anything else they have to offer. im wondering if i just dont quite possess the passion for music that i used to have... yet i still have major passion for all the bands ive ever loved passionately. ... weird.

wow, sorry for the pointless post.

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Wednesday, April 28th, 2004
4:02 pm - this might be temporary, but theres no need to worry.
wow, well i just realized that i apparently have had this journal, for almost four years now. boy how time does fly. so much has happened in those four years. my life is completely different from how i expected it to be. dont get me wrong... im not saying i am not happy with my life now, i am just saying, i didnt really predict i would be where i am today. and who would of thought, i would be living in danville? i certainly didnt. i know i bitch about this city of churches, quite alot. and honestly, danville doesnt have a thing to offer me. i could never be content with my life as a whole, if my life were to be in danville. but over all, danville isnt such a terrible place... it has its moments. and truth be told, i am not really sure, that i would be truly happy with my location, no matter where it was. i thought i HATED living in georgia, and i was happy to get out... but now that i look back on it, georgia, wasnt such a terrible place either. and i really miss it. and i realize now, that i was very content living in georgia, its just that i guess i didnt really realize all that i had, until it was gone... you know though, the thing i hate about danville, is its such a small town, that everyone knows everyone, and even when i try to get lost, i quickly realize such a thing is impossible when it seems that the entire road system in danville is one gigantic circle, in some way or another. although living in danville, definitely has brought me some of the best friendships. the kind of friendships that make me realize that this is it, i want these people to be in my life, for the rest of my life. (im speaking to you : mike, travis, and sterling.) and that, is one of the best feelings i believe i have ever had.

in this coming august, i will be moving to richmond, to get me some schoolin' and pursue a career in the graphic arts industry. and the great thing about all of this is, pretty much everyone that i know, and am friends with, in danville is also moving to richmond. excluding the sterling, who will ofcourse be at UNCAsheville. ("its not goodbye, its see you later, but not as often as i would like.") i really need to find a job, and start saving up for the move... i dont know why i havent already jumped on the job searching. probably due to the fact, that i dont go to sleep until the wee hours of the morning, and i dont usually get up until the afternoon... and i hate it. i mean i really do. its like i get up, and the day is gone, and i need to hurry and get to mikes, before he goes to bed, because "he believes in a thing called sllleeeeeeeeeeeeppp"... but yeah, i wake up, and the day is gone and wasted. i need to break this cycle.

the ashley just called. i think we may go see kill bill vol. 2 tonight... i have already seen it once, but would like to see it again, and this will be atleast the 17th attempt to do so. so maybe... just maybe, things will go as planned, and i will get to see it for a second time.

danville adult soccer league's second season is going to begin in mid-may. this time they are splitting the league into two categories. 7 v 7 and 11 v 11... the 7v7 will be less competitive, and more so for the people who just want to get out there and have fun, and for those who may not of played before, but would like to. and well the 11v11 is the competitive category, for those who feel they are very experienced, and would like to go out for the first time ever DASL trophies... ...trophies dont mean shit to me, and danville soccer is a joke. so i will be playing the 7v7 league, i am very experienced (15 years), but why do i want to play for a league who's teams are very obviously stacked... i just want to have fun... maybe ill save the competitive-ness for the womens league in richmond, that i am sure, aint no joke. haha...

well its shower time for lacy... so until next time... <3

----> driveonhighways <----
i have yet to post any new pictures, but be on the look out for a shit load of pictures from the trip to south of the border of this past weekend.

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Monday, April 26th, 2004
7:25 pm
everyone is doing it, so i decided 'hey why not?'

----> driveonhighways <----

i have made my first photo livejournal entry... at first i was like, i will never have a photojournal, they are sooo lame, and trendy. but then i realized that i need a place to post pictures, instead of this journal... simply to be courteous to those of you who have no intrest in viewing my pictures... anyways, if you want to add that journal as a friend, as always i will add you back. until then, check out the pictures from my bestfriend travis's band 'meadowood's first show ever. but slow connections BEWARE.

so... my saturday night was spent at SOUTH OF THE BORDER, south carolina. once i get all those pictures sorted through and uploaded, i will be putting those up on the other account as well. anyways, uhhh more on this later. <3

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Friday, March 19th, 2004
1:05 pm
gone to georgia until sunday <3

...put it to use.

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Thursday, February 19th, 2004
2:13 am - could you trade your lessons to have grown up in the process?
tonight was a very strange night. and after extensive thought i realize that i did overreact to alot of things that i probably should not have, and generally would not have... and i also came to realize that, no matter what i think, no matter what i do, i will never truly be forgiven for mistakes made in the past... people say forgive and forget... but does anyone actually know the true meaning of that? i, for one, know for a fact that i have forgiven and forgotten on countless occasions, for countless individuals... but i find that no one really has ever nor will ever do the same for me. i know i am not perfect, and yes, i will make mistakes, but i certainly hope that those that truly love me, and truly know me, will one day be capable enough to forgive and forget. no one is perfect, and i understand that completely, and when letting someone in my life, i know that at some point, yes, i am sure they are going to do something to betray me in some way or another... and i guess thats just the way life is. for that, that does not kill you only makes you stronger. which is a very cliche saying, but is also very true. sooo... i know my life is only beginning, and i have many mistakes ahead of me, i just hope those of you that really honestly love me, will stick around, even through the rough times, because god knows i need you, i just hope you need me too.

dont bother it now, let sleepers lie.
bygones have all gone by.
forgot what we fought for, hard as i might,
dont have the will to fight.
forgive and forget whatever was said
because we're growing up by the hour.
... all good things have endings.
(the get up kids)

current mood: weird.

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004
2:13 pm - whats a bond if it dissolves in water?
please tell me what is wrong with me. really, i can take it. okay, no i cant. but seriously, why cant i sleep?!? recently i find it easier and easier to go with little to no sleep, and that my friend is not cool. night before last, i didnt sleep any, then i had to take my brothers friend to school, and once i returned home, i still was not sleepy, yet i found myself home alone, curled up, under the covers, in my nice warm bed, and i dont know what happened but the next thing i know, i wake up, at close to what i think was eight oclock at night... i dont even remember drifting off... so lastnight, i stayed home all night, and sterling called around 12:30, and then we called the jordan... and stayed on the phone until close to six this morning... i fall asleep, then wake up at nine o fucking clock this morning, after THREE hours of sleep... and im thinking, "what the fuck is this shit, im going back to sleep"... only the longer i layed there, the more awake i became. so... this sleep problem isnt exactly new in my life... i have this problem with actually falling asleep at night, period. i can be sooo terribly sleep all day long, but then once night hits, no more sleepies... its almost like night time is my peak or something, i find myself soo much more awake and alive during the night... i am kind of hoping that seeing as i only slept a total of three hours, maybe just maybe i will actually be able to get some sleep tonight. although, somehow, i seriously doubt it.

do you ever find yourself completely and totally involved in a certain television show? for me, that show is dawsons creek. mind you, i have seen every episode, atleast two, maybe five times. but yet, anytime i am awake between the hours of ten a.m. and noon, chances are i am somewhere glued to the tv... i watch these episodes over and over, and yet, each and everytime, i watch an episode, its as though i am watching a never before seen episode. and its weird. i dont really understand why i am so drawn to such a show... although as weird as this may sound, there are times that dawsons creek gives me hope. hope in life, hope in people. how fuct up is that?

i apologize to those of you, who i was talking to last night on AIM, when i was suddenly disconnected for what i thought was no apparent reason, until i look over, and see my grandfathers ignoramus dog, "scooby", hiking his leg directly over my cable modem. i could have KILLED the fucker. so, the drying out process took a little time... im talking, not only did i have to wipe and clean his urine off the surface, but i also had to get the blow dryer out, to dry the inside atleast some what. i was sooo worried that i was never going to work again. but i plugged it all back up, and BOOM, its working like a champ... a urine scented champ, but a champ none the less.

swervis you dirtayCollapse )

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
11:57 am - im sorry that sentence was very vague, its my luck theyll misconstrue it.
i just received a call from a company titled "prime time casting"... according to them, they have various productions in the area, and are looking for extras... and some how, they said they were locally given my name... which is weird... i dont really understand who or why someone would of given them my name... but when the guy called he knew my full name, home number, cell number, and address already, so that kinda creeped me out... but yeah... for a one time fee of only $99.99, i apparently can work as an extra all year round, in any production offered... in any area in the US... this for some reason sounds fishy to me.

(i have not been to sleep yet)

i am thinking about possibly going job hunting today. wish me luck?

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7:05 am - do the stars conspire to pin us down like butterflies
long time, no update, i do apologize.

not a whole lot has happened in the life of lacy... who am i kidding? its been almost 21 full days since i have updated, and wayyy too much fucking shit has happened. but most of it, is kind of outdated, and really doesnt matter now, so ill stick to the more recent happenings... which all seem to of slipped my mind for the time being. dont you hate when that happens? i HATE when i cant remember something accurately...

i had the pleasure of meeting the infamous angel tonight... i must say i was not impressed. she seems to be a mirror image of just about every other girl on the face of this planet that i choose to loathe, not to mention the fact that she CONSTANTLY talked about herself... which got extremely annoying extremely fast... oh well, i guess she wasnt that bad. she was pretty much everything i expected, nothing more, nothing less. but truth be told, i know she is a friend of both, mike and travis, and im not saying i wouldnt ever hang out with her again... of course it wouldnt be something i would encourage, however, i wouldnt say anything if they wanted to hang out with her, b/c i know they both put up with some of my friends occasionally, that they dont necessarily fancy. although they are very quick to verbalize their opinions... (and i forgot to mention she completely insulted my taste in music.)

the past few weekends have been very sterling-tastic. which is a very nice thing, might i add. a few weeks back we had a our first (hott) date, and managed to accidently convince various people that we actually are lesbians. yay for people who assume things! not really... but yeah... we finished our date off with a nice trip to roam around walmart where we bought matching "i <3 u" bracelets, that go quite nicely with the red MADD ribbon and paul frank bracelet collection we already had... sterling is BOSS, if you will.

these past few days i have really been thinking... like, i really want to get my life straight, figure out exactly what it is that i want to do... i have the opportunity to move to richmond with some friends, starting the fall '04 semester, where i could easily attend ECPI for quality graphics education... which is something i most definitely could not get around here, without commuting atleast an hour(+)... but if i decide not to move to richmond for school, then i need to decide what i want to do here... do i want to just give up on the graphics thing, and try to find something else, simply for lack of opportunities in the area in that field... or should i just not worry, and sit back, and let things happen, and decide things as they come? my whole problem with committing to college and sticking to it, is, that my interests(in my future plans) have completely changed in the past 5 years... and i am worried that if i commit to one field, that i will find myself four or how ever many years from now, out of college, with absolutely no interest or enjoyment in graphics arts or design, then i will of wasted all that time for absolutely nothing...

on a deeper note, my grandfather goes to DUKE tomorrow, to find out for sure if his mass is cancer or not. he has already had two different opinions, although with no definite tests made, one concluded it is not cancerous, and the other concluded that it is definitely cancer... take it anyway you want it, one gets your hopes up, the other shoots that hope down. i wish him good luck tomorrow, for i know he is extremely nervous, afterall he could potentially find out what could either be the most relieving news, of his life, or the absolute worst. i wish him the best.

well its exactly 8:03 am, on this cold morning in february, and i am beginning to think, maybe, just maybe, i should be attempting to actually get some sleep. good night, or more so good morning in most cases. be safe, and as always have fun. <3<3

(joshua hyde - i miss you something terrible. we havent spoken in weeks. and that is just not kosher in the slightest way... i demand you call me sometime very soon, there isnt really a time when i am not available... so feel free to call away. [434-250-9899] i would call you, but you seem to lead a busy life these days, so i am unsure of the best times to call, in which you may be available. <3<3 i love you kid.)

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
6:09 pm
today could possibly be one of the worst days of my life.

my grandfather received a phone call this afternoon, from the doctor he went to last week, due to his pneumonia, letting him know that they found a mass on his right lung. a fucking mass. how is this even fucking possible?! how could they not of already seen this?! he has had pneumonia over 10 times in the past year, which means, everyone fucking time he is diagnosed with pneumonia, they take chest x-rays... the mass is already 2.5 centimeters... the doctor says its obviously not good, that it looks like cancer. and the thing that gets me is, i saw the fucking x-ray, the mass is clear as fucking day... this thing didnt just grow 2.5 centimeters overnight. someone somewhere fucked up and didnt catch this shit when they should of... ahhhhh... i dont know what to do here. paw paw is hysterical, kipp doesnt know shit about it, it hasnt really hit me, nor mom yet. my mom already lost her mother to lung cancer when she(my mom) was 18... i cant imagine losing both my parents to the same goddamn thing. erg. i dont know what else to say, he has a doctors appointment tomorrow, to find out for sure. so i guess time will tell.

current mood: worried

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11:46 am - could we stomp around your back yard and wreck our clothes in the mud?
my mom works with retards, basically her job is to hangout with various "individuals", on a daily basis, and do things such as take them to lunch, go to the mall, go bowling... whatever they want to do to get out of the house... anyways, so she just brought one of them home for lunch, Ryan, and he told me i look like britney spears, which apparently is his dream girl, haha he just walked up behind me and started massaging my back... call me crazy but i think its HOE-larious. i fucking love retards. they are grrrreat. i feel kinda bad calling them retards, but i dont know what else to call them.

im still kinda sick, but not as sick as i was yesterday. i have been up since 7:something this morning... due to my mom and brother screaming at eachother. kipp can be quite the ill pill in the morning... he was mad at me because i was laughing at my mom giving him a hard time, about being sooo ill, so kipp took it upon himself to not let me sleep any longer(once i had drifted off again), and came in the room, screaming "GO GO POWER RANGERS! YOU MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERSSSSSSS!" talk about wanting to kill someone. to make matters even worse, i tried to yell at him, but when i opened my mouth, NOT A SOUND came out, and my sore throat is most definitely to blame for that. why is it that sore throats are always wayyyy worse in the morning? seriously, my throat fucking kills in the morning, but as the day goes on, it gets alot better, only to wake up the next morning with extreme throat pains. being sick is absolutely no fun.

well my mommy just made me some french fries for lunch, and im starving so im outttt. SWALLA. <3<3<3

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